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Fall 2018 classes begin Monday, August 20th.

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Fall Registration:

Pre-Registration for returning students:
Saturday, Aug 4th 10am-2pm at the 4th Street Studio AND
Friday, Aug 10th 4pm-7pm at 4th Street Studio.

Open House and Fall Registration for NEW or Returning students:
Saturday, Aug 11th 10am-2pm.

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We love dance!

At Excell Dance, we are committed to creating a dance atmosphere that is fun and educational for our students. Our classes are sure to boost self esteem, provide enriching physical exercise, and foster freedom of expression through movement. All classes are taught in a positive and caring environment. Our goal is to introduce our students to a variety of music, rhythm, and movement, expanding their interests and helping them experience the joy in creativity and dance.

We pride ourselves in...

We are passionate about building character, strengthening, and uplifting those we teach.   Excell Dance is...dancing that moves everyone.

Class Registration

Registration is available online, or in person at 92 Main, Suite 002, Warrenton Old Town by appointment.

Tuition information is on the Excell Dance/Tuition tab.
Registration is $35 for a single student, $55 for a family, and is due at the time of registration.

Some of the classes we offer

For a complete list, see Class Descriptions.

Tumbling/ Hip Hop Dance for Boys and Girls!

No prior tumbling or hip hop experience is required. Tumblers will learn the proper technique and execution of cartwheels, round-offs and the beginning techniques of acrobatics in a safe nurturing environment. Students will learn basic balancing skills using a low balance beam and will also work on core strength, stretching and flexibility. Beginning tumbling will focus on forward rolls, backward rolls, back bends and walk overs using a wedge mat. This class will also enjoy learning basic hip hop moves and rhythm through dance exploration.


Acrobatic movements are combined with dance technique to create a smooth transition between the two disciplines. Students learn the fundamentals of movement and timing with tumbling. Students will increase technique, flexibility and muscle development in a structured and safe environment.


Lyrical is a style that utilizes ballet, jazz and modern techniques, to result in an expressive dance form that “tells a story” or relates “a feeling”. All lyrical students are required to be enrolled in a ballet class as well.

Adult Beginning Ballet

Adult beginning ballet is a fun class for all ages with low impact barre work, and a focus on stretching and strength building. Great way to tone your body and work on core strength. No dance experience required.

Performing Group

A teacher-placed performing class where students participate in the choreography process and learn dances for special community events throughout the year. Interested students should contact the directors for placement options.

Ballroom classes (private or group)

This is a fun way for couples to learn to dance together and be prepared to do so in settings outside the studio. Our classes will focus on teaching couples the core Ballroom dance steps of Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Cha-Cha, Fox Trot, Triple Swing, and Samba.

Recital Video, by GoFetch Media

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