Policies and Procedures

The following is an overview of our policies and procedures. For additional details please download our complete contract here.


Tuition is due by the 5th of each month. Tuition received after the 10th of the month will incur a $20 late fee for the month, and each following month it remains overdue. Tuition payments may be made online at http://excelldancers.com/payment.php.Tuition Drop Box at 4th Street Studio. Returned Check Fee $40.

Registration Fees are collected annually, and are due upon registering for the year.

Inclement Weather

Excell Dance LLC will follow Fauquier County School’s inclement weather policy. A change in this schedule will be under the director’s discretion.

Holiday Schedule

Please be aware that we try to hold class as much as possible. Classes will be in session during teacher work days, 1/2 days, Veterans Day and Presidents Day.
Please visit our Holiday Schedule for the current list of holidays.


Occasionally, at the teacher’s discretion, observation days may be held in the studio. Please respect the instructors and students by not distracting them during class. We ask that all parents keep the windows and doorways clear to avoid crowding the halls and distracting the students.


Students are expected to attend the full term for which they register. A fee may be charged for early cancellation.


Students will perform in our annual recital (matinee for younger students, evening for older students). Due to recent increase in enrollment, all classes will perform ONE recital number, regardless of whether they are in a “combined discipline” class. A small recital fee may be charged to cover recital costs.


Students must provide and bring their ballet/tap/jazz shoes and all supplies in a labeled tote bag. Please label all belongings with name.

Attire for all classes includes: Leotard and tights/ leggings/ stretch pants/ dance skirts. Please follow any style or color guidelines from individual instructors. Students are expected to wear hair pulled away from their face as not to impair vision while dancing.

Refer to the Dress Code for more details.


Please walk your children into the dance studio to check in with the instructor. Please also enter the studio to pick up your children, and remember to pick them up in a timely manner.