Excell Dance Class Descriptions - Summer 2018

Summer Class Registration is available online. Please call 540-905-4886 for assistance.
Payment is due upon registration. No registration fees are due for Summer Classes.
Summer Class payments are non-refundable. (Exchanges and credits for future classes only.)
Pro-rates available for classes. Contact us further info.


There are currently no Acro Dance classes scheduled for this summer. Please see our Fall Registration Schedule in early July to enroll for next season.


Princess Ballet Camp

Instructor: Megan/Paige
Description: Students are taught the fundamentals of Ballet (including vocabulary and terminology) through instructional time, games, activities, dress-up, and more. Students will need: leotard, tights, pink ballet slippers, a change of clothes, and a nut-free snack each day. All other supplies and equipment provided.

Ages 4+

Princess Ballet CampJune 11-15M-F 9a-12p4th St.Cost: $155.

Introduction to Ballet

Instructor: Megan
Description: Learn the fundamentals of Ballet with Barre work including arm movements, centre work and traveling movements, simple centre combinations, simple petit allegro work. Basic ballet vocabulary is studied. No previous dance experience necessary. Ballet shoes, pink tights, and solid leotard required.

Ages 5-6

Intro to BalletJune 18-29M/W/F 11a-12p4th St.Cost: $90.

Ballet Fundamentals

Instructor: Paige
Description: Aspiring Ballerinas will enjoy this course designed to build on basic ballet foundations with more complex barre, centre, and petit allegro work. More ballet vocabulary is introduced. Ballet shoes, pink tights, and solid leotard required. Some prior dance or gymnastics is required.

Ages 7-8

Ballet FundamentalsJuly 16-27M/W/F 4-5pm4th St.Cost: $90.

Ballet Beg/Int

Instructor: Claire
Description: Beg/Int Ballet classes are continuously running throughout the summer. Serious dancers need ballet conditioning and technique on an ongoing basis to effectively progress. Pro-rates for partial-month attendance available. Some previous ballet required. Please contact us with placement questions.

Ages 8+

Ballet Beg/IntJune 12-July 31T 5p-6p4th St.Cost: $70/month.

Ballet Intermediate/Advanced

Instructor: Claire
Description: Int/Adv Ballet classes are continuously running throughout the summer. Int/Adv classes include pre-pointe and pointe work. All Intermediate and Advanced students must take at least six weeks of ballet technique classes to maintain their class placement for Fall. Pro-rates for partial-month attendance available. Please contact Claire with placement questions.

Ballet Int/AdvJune 11-Aug 8M/W 5p-6:30p4th St.Cost: $160/month.
*Note: Studio closed Wednesday, July 4th.

Teen/Adult Ballet

Instructor: Claire
Description: Beginning Ballet instruction suited for active adults and teens. No prior experience necessary. Ballet shoes required.

Teen/Adult BalletJune 6-Jul 11W 6:30p-7:30p4th St.Cost: $60 (punch pass).
Teen/Adult BalletJuly 17-Aug 7T 6p-7p4th St.Cost: $60 (punch pass).
*Note: Studio closed Tuesday, July 4th. Class held Tues., July 3rd instead.


Adult Ballroom

Instructor: Rachel & Steven
Description: Focusing on the Ballroom dance steps of Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Cha-Cha, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango, Triple Swing, and Samba, couples master the steps and learn a skill-appropriate Ballroom Dance routine! Both private and group lessons are available. Whether you're preparing for a special event, like a wedding, or have just have always wanted to learn Ballroom, you'll be amazed at the result!. Beginning at the level that's right for you, students can have anywhere from no experience, to years of dance training. As classes gradually advance, multiple classes can be taken to build upon skills. Please come in dress-casual attire and ballroom or dress shoes (form-fitting, dress shoes with heels for women/ flexible, smooth soled shoes for men).

Couple's Group LessonFlexible dates between
June 9 & Aug 25
F/Sat After 5pm4th St.Cost: $180/month.
Call to schedule
Couple's Private LessonFlexible dates between
June 9 & Aug 25
F/Sat After 5pm4th St.Cost: $60/hr.
Call to schedule

Youth Ballroom

Instructor: Rachel & Steven
Description: For young men and women! Come learn something new! Learn how to think on your feet and work together as we create a dance experience that's new and different. So many styles to choose from - swing, waltz, Cha-Cha, foxtrot and more. No prior dance experience required. Dress-casual attire and ballroom or dress shoes necessary (form-fitting, dress shoes with heels for women/ flexible, smooth soled shoes for men).

Ages 12+

Youth BallroomJJuly 6, 13, 20, 27F 5p-6p4th St.Cost: $70/pair.

Creative Movement

Creative Movement 1

Instructor: Megan
Description: Learn beginning dance movements in a fun, welcoming atmosphere. Exclusive 60-Minute Summer Creative Movement classes focus on ballet and lyrical* dance styles. Ballet shoes required.

*at this level, lyrical dance explores freedom of movement to music with lyrics or themes.

Creative Movement 1June 19-28T/Th 11a-12p4th St.Cost: $70.

Creative Movement 2

Instructor: Rachel
Description: Build on skills learned in Creative Movement 1 & add Tap to your repertoire! Exclusive 60-Minute Summer Creative Movement classes focus on ballet, lyrical*, and tap dance styles. Explore movement through dance! Ballet and Tap shoes required. No prior dance experience needed.

*at this level, lyrical dance explores freedom of movement to music with lyrics or themes.

Creative Movement 2July 2,3,5 & 6M/T/Th/F
4th St.Cost: $70.

Hip Hop

Beginning Hip Hop

Instructor: Sammy
Description: This class introduces students to rhythms, routines, and combinations across the floor, with age-appropriate techniques and music. Students explore fundamentals of hip hop dance while bringing their own personality to the movements. (requires form-fitting, flexible clothing or dancewear with black Jazz shoes).

Ages 8+

Beginning Hip HopJune 11-21M/Th 5:30p-6:30pMain St.Cost: $70.

Intro to Lyrical Dance

Instructor: Paige

Intro to Lyrical DanceJune 26-July 5T/Th 4p-5p4th St.Cost: $70.


Lyrical Dance Intensive 1

Instructor: Megan
Description: Lyrical Dance Intensive week for aspiring Lyrical students with some Lyrical and/or Ballet dance experience.

Lyrical Dance Intensive 1June 18, 20 & 22M/W/F 10a-11a4th St.Cost: $60.

Lyrical Dance Intensive 2

Instructor: Megan
Description: Lyrical Dance Intensive week for Intermediate Lyrical students ready to advance to the next level. Students will focus on mastering necessary skills and techniques, as well as learning new ones. Prior Lyrical Dance experience required.

Lyrical Dance Intensive 2June 25, 27 & 29M/W/F 10a-11a4th St.Cost: $60.


Modern Dance Master Classes

Instructor: Emma
Description: Visiting us from Randolph University, Emma Carrico will teach a series of Modern Dance Master Classes to share her insights and expertise. Whether you're trying it out for the first time, or have danced for years, don't miss the opportunity to glean knowledge and experience from Emma this summer! We know you'll fall in love with this dynamic and expressive artform.

Intermediate Modern Dance
(Ages 10+ with some dance experience)
July 9F 10:30a-12pMain St.Cost: $30.
Intro to Modern Dance
(Ages 6-9 no prior experience required)
July 13F 10:30a-12pMain St.Cost: $30.
Advanced Modern Dance
(Ages 12+ with significant dance experience)
July 20F 10:30a-12pMain St.Cost: $30.

Performing Groups

Performing Groups

Instructors: Patricia, Emma, Sammy
Description: Ready to learn new dances to perform this summer? Join Excell Dance Performing Group (EDPG)! This group was founded in 2010 with the intention of sharing dance as a performing art with the Fauquier community. Our summer concert this year will take place August 3rd on Main Street. Placement in EDPG is done by audition. There are several summer groups to try out for, so please don't hesitate to audition for this fun and enriching experience. Returning EDPG students from the Fall Dance Season are asked to please participate in the auditions for summer for new placement opportunities. We realize all students may not be able to attend every practice, but please communicate to your instructors when you will be absent so they can plan ahead. Thank you..

EDPG AuditionsJune 9Sat 10a-11:30p4th St.Cost: Free.
Ballet Performing Group*June 14-July 26Th 5p-6:30p0p4th St.Cost: $90.
Broadway Performing Group*June 11-July 30M 4:30p-5:30pMain St.Cost: $70.
Lyrical Performing Group*June 12-July 31T 11a-12pMain St.Cost: $70.
*placement by audition only


Tap Intensive

Instructor: Jessica
Description: Tap Dance Intensive week for aspiring Tap students ready to advance to the next level. This unique summer course gives you an opportunity to learn new skills and focus on techniques you'll need to know in the Fall. This class is a fun way to get some experience under your belt! Tap shoes required.

Tap IntensiveJune 11-15M/W/Th/F 10a-11aMain St.Cost: $70.

Intro to Tap

Instructor: Jessica
Description: Intro to Tap explores the basics of tap dance in a fun and engaging environment. If you like to dance and make noise with your feet, this is the perfect class for you! Parents, don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to learn Tap Dance in our Adult's only session! Tap shoes required (available at the studio).

Intro to Tap (Ages 6+)July 16-26M/Th 10a-11aMain St.Cost: $70.
Intro to Tap (Adult)July 16-26M/W 6:30p-7:30p4th St.Cost: $70.

Teacher Training Sessions

Existing Teacher Training Sessions

Instructor: TBA
Description: Returning student-teachers and teacher aides are required to come to ONE teacher training session over the summer. Those interested in becoming a teacher or teacher aide in the future should contact the studio to set up a New Teacher Training Session.

Ages 12 and up (students turning 12 before Sept. 1, 2017) are accepted.

Teacher Training SessionJune 1610a-12p4th St.Cost: Free.
Teacher Training SessionJuly 2810a-12p4th St.Cost: Free.

New Teacher Training Sessions

Want to be a teacher at Excell in the future? Contact us to schedule a New Teacher Training Session over the summer. Cost: $25/ one hour session.
*NOTE: Taking this class doesn't automatically guarantee you a position. Positions are filled based on seniority, training, and availability. Requirements for full-time teachers = minimum 2 hours teacher training per season.